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Hi. Since July of 2006, I've officially been a full-time freelance writer, podcaster and online video producer. After high school, I studied creative writing for a couple years but no, didn't come away from the University with a degree in English or Journalism, or anything for that matter (yes I'm one of those). ;)

After growing up mostly in Nebraska I've just moved to California. It's an adjustment but so far I love the ocean and all the creative people.

I keep discovering new favorite things, but they usually have something to do with art, music, or writing...or coffee. I like the process of trying to make my own art and music, but so far the end results have been nothing I'd share.

I love people, and my favorite people are always the ones who need some time alone with themselves. People, in general, should probably spend more time staring out windows on rainy days.

where to find my stuff:

My video blogs, all the way from my obviously nervous start in July of 2006 until now, can be seen on my Youtube Channel.

I was also one half of Catty Girls Discuss from in February of 2006 until July of 2008. It began as a weekly podcast, hosted by Cara Pesek and me, for the Lincoln Journal Star. Catty Girls quickly grew to include a daily blog and a weekly advice column, Catty Girls Advise published every Tuesday in the Lincoln Journal Star newspaper. The podcast, blog, and advice column all deal with anything and everything on a twenty-something girl's mind... relationships, style, work, news, and sometimes pet cats.

If you'd like to say hello, send me an email or add me on myspace or facebook.


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